Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dawn of a New Decade...

On 21 September, just over a week ago, I used my Facebook status to say that I felt as though I was waking up to a new decade because I was celebrating my 30th birthday.

I had, and still have, some mixed feelings about turning 30. in some ways I think it was easier to let go of my 20s than it was to let go of my teenage years back in 1999. I guess if I look at my contemporaries, something I do my best to avoid doing most of the time, I might find myself feeling a bit disappointed at not having aciehved certain things or not having a better idea as to what I want out of life etc. Yet at the same time I’ve crammed quite a bit into my first 3 decades. Some highlights include my somewhat successful, yet short-lived gymnastic career that took me abroad and into junior national colours. I’ve studied; I’ve learned (not only through studying); I’ve lived in different places and seen others; I’ve worked hard and I’ve relaxed; I’ve loved and I’ve lost.

So what does this new decade hold? What lessons learned am I going to take into this new phase of my life? I don’t have the answers to these questions just yet. Sure, I know that using decade markers is somewhat artificial, yet at the same time it helps put things in perspective. One question I ask myself is whether I’m going to carry on in the same way as I have or see this marker as an opportunity to reflect on and make the most of the lessons learnt so far – maybe turn a corner? Whatever happens I have no intention of taking life for granted.