Friday, October 2, 2009

FROM it but not really IN it…

I spent part of the morning of my 30th birthday on top of Table Mountain – it’s a little know fact that on your birthday South African citizens can enjoy a trip on the cable car FREE OF CHARGE.

I hadn’t been on top of Table Mountain in a long time and I was really enjoying the few from the top. As I looked down at the City Bowl it had a sense of familiarity yet strangeness at the same time. I knew many of the streets, I could see the area where I’d spent the early years of my childhood, I could see some of the familiar tourist spots, yet at the same time I had this sense that it didn’t feel like home. Back in December 2007, while I was living in Cusco, I wrote a blog about the idea of ‘home’ ( At the time I was wrestling with home is where the heart is versus it being wherever I lay my hat. I guess I’ve come to realise that my heart isn’t in Cape Town the way it was about 5 years ago. But like Cusco back then, Cape Town is where I “lay my hat“ at the moment so this is home. I don’t expect to feel completely settedl or at ease in Cape Town any time soon, but I figure it’s more likely I’m going to learn to deal with feeling like a bit of a detached outsider in my home town.

It’s not as bad as it sounds though. Cape Town, for those who don’t know it, is a great place to be even if it’s not “home”.

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